Our Team

Saskia Llewellyn

Saskia Llewellyn is Project Manager and a Contributor at The Transatlantic Puzzle. She recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford. Saskia has previous experience working on issues of peace, security, and defence at a think tank in Brussels.

Katarina Rebello 

Katarina Rebello is Head of Digital Content and a Contributor at The Transatlantic Puzzle. Her primary interests fall at the intersection of politics, policy, and technology innovation. Katarina is currently a MSc candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute and a digital development consultant at the World Bank. She was previously the director of a nonprofit organization focused on data and technology policy in Washington, DC.

Maxime Seguin

Maxime Seguin is Head of Finance and Sponsorship at The Transatlantic Puzzle. He is also a Contributor, writing on gender and sexual identity. Maxime is specifically interested in the exercise of power both in narratives around what is talked about, but also silenced across the Atlantic in terms of LGBT+ issues. Maxime previously worked at an international organization in the field of law enforcement. He is now pursuing a MPhil at the University of Cambridge.

Jessica Steinberg

Jessica Steinberg is a Contributor at The Transatlantic Puzzle. As an anthropologist, her research focuses on the role societal structures in shaping human relations. Jessica is pursuing a PhD in Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford.

Dr Faye Donnelly

Dr Faye Donnelly is a Strategic Advisor at The Transatlantic Puzzle. Her broad research interests fall under the umbrella of critical security and securitization studies. She is a lecturer in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews.