Our Mission

Whilst our team is now dotted across the globe, The Transatlantic Puzzle originated in a small Scottish town overlooking the North Sea. The project, which was launched in June 2017, includes students, graduates, and faculty of the University of St Andrews.

Our idea is simple.

With transatlantic relations evolving at a rapid rate, we wanted to create a peer-reviewed digital medium through which to provide sharp analysis on the interlocking pieces of the puzzle: Culture & Society, Environment, Migration, Security, and Technology. As a crucial part of this puzzle, the Missing Piece highlights existing gaps in the analysis of current transatlantic events.

The Transatlantic Puzzle is a free and independent online platform managed by an all-volunteer editorial team. In order to maintain our editorial integrity, we do not publish content paid for by commercial sponsors and we do not charge subscription fees. We rely on support from academic grants and community donations to keep our site functional and open to everyone.